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Meet the Team – Amy Langdon, Senior Metering Coordinator

What’s your job title? Senior Metering Coordinator   What does your job involve? As Senior Metering Coordinator, I’ll be supporting the Metering Manager across all aspects of the business. Getting hands on with the metering teams and building relationships with our service providers in order to achieve monthly targets.   What’s your background? I have […]

Quiz: How well do you know the gas industry?

Do you think you know the gas industry as well as we do? Put your knowledge to the test by answering the following questions.

Quiz: How well do you know Squire Energy?

How well do you know Squire Energy? Put your knowledge to the test by answering these questions in our company quiz.

Squire Energy powers up Regent’s Crescent for Midgard

We’re always thrilled to receive positive feedback from our clients, especially when the project in question is a particularly complex and challenging one like Regent’s Crescent. This residential development consists of 67 Grade I listed modern luxury apartments and nine garden villas behind a sweeping façade in London’s prestigious Marylebone area. SEL’s work began when […]

Squire explores hidden history at Queen Mary’s University

Here at Squire we’ve been lucky enough to work on a number of significant historical buildings, many of which still have signs of their fascinating ‘hidden’ history in plain sight – so long as you know where to look! Due to the nature of our work, we’ve stumbled across many an interesting artefact and site […]

Gasholders: A History

What are gasholders? Known as gasholders or gasometers, these enormous containers are made from metal bolted together and are used to stored vast amounts of natural gas near atmospheric pressure. The first gasholders were solid spherical containers, supported by equally solid, sturdy legs that held them steady. But in 1824 in Leeds, a new type […]

Squire Energy Timeline: 2003 – 2019

If you’d like to take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed over the years, you can view them here. Get in touch us via social media! We are on: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Squire attends UK Construction Week

Billed as ‘something for everyone’ UK Construction Week 2017 didn’t disappoint, with Birmingham’s NEC host to not one exhibition but many, all housed in the network of halls snaking throughout the venue. Whether it was full-scale demonstrations of construction techniques or glossy new examples of cutting edge machinery, footfall was at saturation point. There were […]