Satisfied customer: Meter installation in the Isle of Wight

Here at Squire Energy, we’re determined to provide an efficient and reliable service which leaves all of our customers satisfied with our work. In some cases, our excellent team of gas professionals are required to go above and beyond in order to overcome unforeseen challenges, ensuring we avoid unwanted delays or additional costs to the client.

Squire Energy engineer, Ian, recently achieved that when he attended what would ordinarily have been a routine meter installation for the owner of a restaurant in the Isle of Wight. However, it quickly became clear that the job wasn’t going to be as straightforward as expected.

Upon arrival at the port, Ian was told he couldn’t board the ferry in his van as it had been mistakenly overbooked. Understandably, the client was insistent that the installation needed to be completed urgently as the restaurant was due to open the next day. Following a number of frantic emails back and forth, Ian managed to grab the equipment he needed from his van and board the ferry as a foot passenger.

Once the ferry had made the short trip over to the Isle of Wight, the client had helpfully arranged for Ian to be picked up and taken to the site. Given the effort put into getting him there, you might have expected this to be an all-day job for Ian, but the work itself took less than an hour complete. This further highlights Squire’s commitment to providing complete professionalism and unrivalled customer service, no matter the scale of the job.

Once the job was complete, the client kindly drove Ian back to the port himself, so he could get back to his van and be on his way after an eventful but successful meter installation.

Having gone to great lengths to overcome the disruption caused by the overbooked ferry, the client was eager to see Ian’s efforts were recognised, saying “The engineer was fantastic. This was a job which I really needed completing that day and he went above and beyond, providing excellent customer service to ensure that happened. A lot of people would have been frustrated by the circumstances, but he maintained a polite and professional manner throughout the work.”

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