Quiz: How well do you know Squire Energy?

Squire Energy is a leading gas infrastructure provider, offering a high-quality, reliable and effective service. During our time we have worked alongside many prestigious and valued clients on a number of exciting and unique projects – but how well do you know Squire Energy? Test your knowledge by answering the following questions…

Q. What was the date that Squire Energy was first incorporated or registered and started to trade (all the same date)?

A. 4th June 2003 – Squire have been trading for 18 years, including this year.

Q. Since Squire Energy started trading, how many new gas connections and new gas meter installations have we completed? (To the nearest 500.)

A. While we’ve completed so many, and these works are ongoing, our records are changing and growing steadily, but to date the total is approximately 7000!

Q. Which Squire employee starred in our first ever ‘people’ story on our website and social media channels?

A. Project Planner, Sam Sneyd. Also known as Triathlon Man, Sam is a lover of all things cycling. Back in June 2017, he completed the Evans Cycle King of The Downs, a gruelling test of strength, fitness and endurance. You can find out more about Sam and his passion for triathlons here.

Q. What year did the Squire website first get energised? (See what we did there!)

A. Our new-look website first went live back in 2017. Be sure to take a look around and learn more about our people, services and projects.

Q. What is the name of the tallest building for which Squire Energy has installed gas?

A. The Shard in London! Not only is The Shard the tallest building that Squire Energy have worked on, it is also the tallest building in the UK and the seventh tallest in Europe. Standing at 309.6 metres in height, The Shard is one of many iconic and prestigious projects we have been involved in.

If you would like to learn more about Squire Energy, or to enquire about our services, you can see more of our latest news, information and contacts here. Also, be sure to follow our social media – you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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