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Picture of Jordan Rowbottom at Squire Energy
What’s your job title?

Head of Asset Management at Squire Energy.


What does your job involve?

My job as Head of Asset Management is to ensure that Squire Energy manages its assets safely and reliably for our customers. As our metering business continues to grow, with over a 1000 assets across all pressure tiers, I’ll be navigating even more exciting new projects as we move into the second half of 2018.


What’s your background?

I started with National Grid in 2004 in the distribution business as an Emergency Service Engineer, working on gas emergencies and predominantly doing industrial and commercial (I&C) work during the day. After 6 ½ years, I moved over to National Grid Metering in various operational, asset integrity and project managerial roles over the course of the next 6 years. I also spent a year with National Grid Transmission as their Engineering Manager for Customer connections, before getting my role at Squire Energy.

I have an Engineering degree from the Open University and I’m registered with IGEM as an Incorporated Engineer, with the aim to be Chartered by the end of 2018.

At present, I’m Chair of the Young Persons Network (YPN) for IGEM, which involves coordinating activities and events with the YPN members from across all sections. I’m very passionate about helping younger engineers within the gas industry move forwards with their professional status, and to fully enjoy their career in the gas industry.


What’s your favourite part of your job/what do you most look forward to in your job?

At the moment, having only been here for a month, it’s quite difficult to say, however the team at Squire Energy are fantastic.

I have two motivators which drive me forwards in every role I have taken, and will take. The first is always delivering results for customers – it’s brilliant to see their delight when a project is completed on time, and to their expectation. Every project is an opportunity for collaboration and for building new relationships.

The second driver for me is innovation. The gas industry isn’t always the most fast-paced, hence driving through new innovations into the industry is something I take great joy in. Plus, I’m an engineer, so I love playing with new things!


Why Squire Energy?

For my next career move, I wanted to go somewhere which matched my ambitions and which worked at the same (fast) pace that I do, Squire Energy is that place. I really feel I can make a difference here. I was also drawn to the strong customer ethic –  I genuinely have not heard a bad thing said about the company.


Most memorable project?

As I’ve only just joined Squire, I don’t have a memorable project – yet! But there is one job in my career that I’ll still be talking about when I go my grave – a job that nearly sent me to it!

Back in November 2007, about 18 months out of my apprenticeship as an Emergency Service Engineer at National Grid Distribution, I was called to a seemingly standard job. On the way, I was advised that the police, fire service and a bomb disposal team were on site – clearly this was no ordinary job! When I arrived on site, I was briefed by the Chief Inspector of the Nottinghamshire fire brigade that a man was threatening to blow up his flat, by cutting a gas pipe and igniting the gas.

The gas couldn’t be turned off as there was a service rise with no valve, and the meter was in the flat, However, the chap was now brandishing a sword out of the window and through the letterbox, so turning the meter off was out of the question! The response and repair team were on their way, when I took a walk around the outside of the flat to check for readings. Less than 30 seconds after I’d walked past a wall of the building, the gas was ignited with a cigarette and that wall was blown to smithereens and blown 100 meters up the road. Thankfully, the fire brigade had already done a brilliant job, and had evacuated most of the surrounding flats, so nobody was hurt in the explosion.

I was unharmed other than being hit with some glass from one of the windows. It taught me first-hand just how dangerous gas can be – it’s something I’ll never forget.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like to spend as much time with my family as possible; we have a static caravan in the Peak District, which is the most beautiful place to unwind after a long week.

I still play rugby as much often as I can, although I’m very much in the twilight of my career, and can also occasionally also be found on the cricket field on summer evenings. Hailing from Nottingham, one of my highlights of the year is going to watch the cricket at Trent Bridge.

Finally, I like to spend time in the garden growing things. My Grandad passed away a couple of years ago and I’m pleased to say that cuttings from his rhubarb, blackberries and raspberries are now growing well in my back garden.


If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Handsome, funny, intelligent – you did say 3 words thatI could pick, right?


We’re off to the pub, what’s your order?

Budvar is my favourite tipple, or if it’s a swanky pub I love gin brambles (which is odd as I’m not a fan of gin at all). The pub would most certainly be up in the Peak District, complete with a cracking view.


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