Meet the Team – Gail Townsend, Metering Manager

Meet the team, Gail Townsend, Metering Manager

What’s your job title?

Metering Manager

What does your job involve?

• Supporting the head of asset management.
• Running the back of house Metering department including Operations, invoicing and procurement
• Ensuring that meter installations on any given day are running smoothly
• Supplier engagement

What’s your background (qualifications, previous experience etc.)?

I previously worked for National Grid Metering for 12 years before leaving at the end of 2018.  I started as a temp and intended to only stay for a few weeks, but I progressed from a temp to an advisor to a metering design assistant and eventually became the team leader for the Siteworks Metering Team. Who knew you could lose 12 years of your life being caught up in the world of meters? I have experience in design and quotation, operations, leadership and the I&C metering business.

Why Squire Energy?

I have heard nothing but good things about Squire Energy from people in the industry and was thrilled to be given the chance to part of the metering team. It’s an exciting role and opportunity and something I didn’t to pass up on, so here I am, throwing myself back into the world of metering!

What’s your favourite part of your job/What are you most looking forward to in your job?

The people! I love talking and interacting with my colleagues, with suppliers, with industry peers, customers and end consumers. It’s a great sense of achievement when you’ve gone above and beyond for a customer/site and they send you a “Thank you for all your hard work and assistance” email. It makes it all worthwhile.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Hobbies etc.

I am real film buff; I love nothing more than watching a good film with my son and other half. I am also a big Take That fan – for all my sins – and do like to go along to 3 or 4 (maybe even 5 or 6) of their concerts when they are touring.

My other passion is my four-stone English Bulldog, Bess, who is a total diva and believes that everything revolves around her! She brings us all so much laughter, and she’s a real joy – we wouldn’t be without her. I also enjoy gardening and keeping Koi fish; one of my bucket list trips is to travel to Japan to see the Koi farms in person.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Outgoing, optimistic, welcoming!

We’re off to the pub – what’s your order?

Bottle of champagne, please!


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