The Low-Down on Gas Connection Safety

Gas connection safety

Working on a building site can bring its fair share of risks – with high voltage cables in and above the ground, lifting hazards and multiple other tradesmen occupying the area, there is potential danger in a variety of places. But Squire’s skilled, professional and hands-on approach ensures the safest possible conditions when working on all our projects.


All Squire Energy workers, as well as other businesses on a building site are controlled by over-arching legislation called the Construction Design Management Regulation, which is the main set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction projects. This requires a principle contractor to always be present during works and ensures all workers operate under the same safety regulations.


Planning Safety

Squire Energy will create our very own safety plan for every individual site we work on. The team take into account all the risks involved, and then conduct an induction session on the site with a site agent or site representative. Our focus, in co-ordination and co-operation with all our fellow site workers, is to best control the works with all the other trades, businesses and activities present in the area.


Assessing Conflicts

Each Squire Energy team has a team leader who is registered under the non-negotiable Safe Control of Operations scheme, which covers gas personnel involved in operational works on the gas networks and certain types of installations. The team leader will submit a connection proposal to an authorising engineer, which will normally be authorised and then sent to local gas network.


The gas network will assess whether there are any conflicts with our proposed projects in the network and will then be approved; this prevents untold amounts of people losing their supply of gas in the same area.


Getting to Work

Once all the initial proposals and safety tests have taken place, Squire Energy’s team can begin gas works on the site. Our team are always amenable, approachable and professional – we will always visit a site, mediate with building managers and try our best to accommodate all requests. But above all, safety is our biggest concern and our efficient and skilled workers always ensure that the risks involved in gas work are safely at bay.


Risky Business
There is a certain level of risk in any type of work, but with gas connections Squire are often met with unusual and unique problems aside from the normal issues in the industry which can’t be planned for! When working in central areas in large cities, such as London, when going underground we have been met with pesky Tudor-era graves and disused Victorian sewage systems. Thankfully these problems aren’t too serious and can be quickly dealt with, but nonetheless can come as a bit of a surprise!

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