Gunthorpe Street

Location – Spitalfields, London

In 2016, Squire Energy were selected as the gas infrastructure provider for a residential project in Spitalfields, in London’s vibrant East End. Our work began in September 2016, and was split into three phases across the two-year timeline. Existing flats were demolished to make way for London Square’s new development and Phase One of our works addressed the disconnections, with the existing 4-inch low pressure gas pipes supplying the old flats taken off the grid.

However, the 3-inch gas service which fed the neighbouring Tonybee Hall also had to be disconnected, as it snaked underneath the site for the new apartments. Disconnection at Tonybee Hall was swiftly followed by diversion and reconnection in Phase Two. Following excavation, we laid a 63mm pipe across Wentworth Street to a kisk with a 2in ECV. The new 3-inch low-pressure gas service for Tonybee Hall was earmarked for installation on Gunthorpe Street, but as re-connection work was underway, Squire Energy discovered that the location of the gas main had been incorrectly marked on the plans. This resulted in a temporary road closure as Squire Energy worked to connect Tonybee Hall’s new gas supply to the main.

The third and final phase, was the installation of the new gas service for London Square’s eclectic development of stylish apartments. Supplying 63 residences, we connected the 90mm parent pipe on Gunthorpe Street, to a brand-new 90mm low-pressure polyethylene pipe which terminates in the development’s basement meter supply room. Also located in the basement, is a U100 bulk meter designed to service all the residential flats.

Work was completed in September 2018, much to the delight of London Square. Tony Kavanagh, Utilities Manager at London Square says, “A big thank you Squire Energy. The team are an absolute credit, consistently going above and beyond to ensure the successful – and swift – installation of the development’s gas supply. This professional service is why we will continue to work with Squire Energy in the future.”


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Image credit: London Square