Banbury Power Station

Location – Banbury, Oxford
Client – Welsh Power Ltd.

In 2017, Squire Energy was approached by Welsh Power Ltd. for design, construct and commission of a new intermediate gas main and primary gas meter to connect Banbury Power Station to the main natural gas supply. We were also tasked with the installation of two electricity ducts and a communications cable to facilitate the electrical power connection away from the power station to the electrical grid.

The brief required a team which had the expertise and experience to drill under the River Cherwell, a Cherwell side stream, across Spiceball Park, across a road and under Oxford’s historic canal. Work began in August 2018, with directional drilling chosen as the primary method for the length of the project, as it is less disruptive than traditional ‘open but methods’, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Work was scheduled for completion in one phase, with the gas pipe, communication duct and electricity cable ducts running underneath the River Cherwell and across Spiceball Park. The gas pipe terminated immediately before the Oxford Canal and connected into the existing gas network, whilst the ducts and cables continued to run underneath the canal.

Despite multiple challenges – outdated utilities records, maintaining the canal’s structural integrity and strict compliance regulations from agencies – the work was completed in full and on time in November 2018, due to the skill of the drilling operatives and Squire’s team of experts.

A Project Manager at Welsh Power Group Ltd. says, “Squire Energy have a reputation for professionalism, efficiency and expertise and they have exceeded our expectations. We’re looking forward to continuing working with Squire Energy in the future.”


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