Delayed projects: the struggle is real

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Late-running construction projects are an all-too-common occurrence, and the consequences of delays can be severe, depending on the type of project and funding arrangements. With this in mind, we’ve put together some considerations to help your project run smoothly.

Capacity checks

Within the gas infrastructure industry, one of the most frequent (and serious) issues is a lack of gas capacity checks built into a quote. If you’re looking for a gas connection quote  and it seems too good to be true – a cheaper cost and a compressed timescale, it most likely is. Some less-thorough companies attempt to cut costs and time by eschewing capacity checks, which are crucial in determining the cost and timescales of the project and whether reinforcement work is required. Reinforcement works are carried out by the national gas transporters to their timescales which will often not align with the onsite program of works.

If a contractor fails to conduct these checks and it emerges the capacity provides an insufficient supply of gas, your project will face time-delays and increased costs. In compliance with Health & Safety regulations, contractors are compelled to rectify the issue, but often at your expense.


All charges and services should be clearly outlined right from the start. Work with contractors that are up-front with all costs and can clarify the services provided, as well as materials, timescales and advice. Establishing a fixed price will help with budget-planning, as well as building confidence in your chosen supplier.

Realistic timescales

Often, projects begin with over-commitment to unrefined concepts; to avoid disappointment, contractors need to comprehensively assess the project before setting the timescale. The best contractors accurately manage expectations, with knowledge of risks, regulations and any elements that could affect a project’s lifespan to set a realistic timescale.

On-hand expertise

This may seem obvious, but having accessible specialist advice and assistance is imperative. Contractors that include consultancy as part of their service package demonstrate a next-level standard of professionalism. Reliable and proficient consultants provide crucial support and effective management solutions to improve the efficiency and outcome of a project.

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