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Working from home in the time of COVID-19

By Steve Gray, Project Manager at Squire Energy At Squire Energy we’ve long been familiar with working from home on the occasions where it’s been required or has enabled employees to manage their lives at home (which can sometimes take precedence) without having an undue impact on productivity. But this wholesale effort of turning everyone’s […]

Meet the Team – Lauren Thomas, Operations Administrator

What’s your job title? Operations Administrator   What does your job involve? My role is to assist the operations team, particularly with the completion files, and support the project planners.   What’s your background? I studied sociology at the University of Leicester and since then I have worked in a multitude of positions, from Executive […]

Squire Energy completes first network as new IGT

Following their recent expansion as an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT), Squire Energy is pleased to announce the completion of their first IGT network on Curzon Street in London. The installation was undertaken for a new residential development in Mayfair to provide a seamless route for the gas distribution network. The Squire team were on site […]

Meet the Team – Terri Clifton, Procurement and Revenue Manager

What’s your job title? Procurement and Revenue Manager   What does your job involve? Invoicing and finance Managing stock inventory Purchasing Providing support to the metering team and management (asset removals, asset tracking, pre-notifications etc.)   What’s your background? I’ve spent the last six years working in the extremely fast-paced telecommunications industry as a Service, […]

Squire explores hidden history at Queen Mary’s University

Here at Squire we’ve been lucky enough to work on a number of significant historical buildings, many of which still have signs of their fascinating ‘hidden’ history in plain sight – so long as you know where to look! Due to the nature of our work, we’ve stumbled across many an interesting artefact and site […]

Gasholders: A History

What are gasholders? Known as gasholders or gasometers, these enormous containers are made from metal bolted together and are used to stored vast amounts of natural gas near atmospheric pressure. The first gasholders were solid spherical containers, supported by equally solid, sturdy legs that held them steady. But in 1824 in Leeds, a new type […]

Squire Energy Timeline: 2003 – 2019

If you’d like to take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed over the years, you can view them here. Get in touch us via social media! We are on: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Meet the Team – Gail Townsend, Metering Manager

What’s your job title? Metering Manager What does your job involve? • Supporting the head of asset management. • Running the back of house Metering department including Operations, invoicing and procurement • Ensuring that meter installations on any given day are running smoothly • Supplier engagement What’s your background (qualifications, previous experience etc.)? I previously […]

How We Work Timeline

  With over 16 years in the gas industry, we’ve built up an incredible wealth of skills and expertise which enable us to consistently offer our customers exceptional service. To explain how we’re always able to deliver, we’ve created this timeline to explain how we work at Squire Energy and take you through the process […]

Flow-stopping explained: How we work on live gas pipelines

At Squire Energy, we don’t just install new pipes and gas connections, we also work on projects that involve existing ‘live’ gas supplies. In these cases, we must meet the relevant safety and regulation requirements applicable that arise when working with live gas. Simply turning the gas off can be costly and disruptive, so instead, […]