A day in the life of a Technical Engineer

A day in the life of a technical engineer at Squire Energy

By Jason Doe, Technical Engineer at Squire Energy

My role as a Technical Engineer at Squire Energy is really varied and I’m not sure I ever really have a typical day. That being said, they usually start off in the same way before I jump on to various different projects and tasks. Like many, I’m mostly working from home at the moment, so I’m usually at my desk at 8am reviewing yesterday’s activity and making a note of anything that needs to be added to my to-do list for that day.

One of my first tasks is analysing any outstanding requirements from my line manager that need to be implemented and reviewing the position of our service providers’ works. If there are any outstanding designs for approval, I’ll write up the reports and upload them so the team are notified of any further actions required.

After this, my day can veer off in a number of different directions. I have experience across the full spectrum of gas metering, from low to high pressure meters, so my workload can be quite varied. A significant part of my role is providing design expertise, diagnosing problems and troubleshooting relating to the design for approval process. I’m frequently called upon to answer manufacturer, supplier and customer queries, and address any non-compliance issues throughout the day.

Alongside the day-to-day aspects of my role as a Technical Engineer I’m also currently involved in helping improve SEL’s processes and procedures. As a relative newbie to the team (I joined in October 2020), I’ve been able to view the existing systems with a fresh pair of eyes and use my prior experience and knowledge to make suggested improvements. I’m currently developing an appraisal for our design for approval process and a process for our rotary exchange programme, as well as an audit policy.

Under more usual circumstances, I’d be spending quite a bit of time out on site. At the moment, I am doing some site visits, which are becoming more frequent as rules are being relaxed. I tend to structure my week so that I have most, if not all, of my site visits on a Friday. This allows me to have a day away from my desk so I feel refreshed and raring to start work again on Monday.

At the end of my working day, I have plenty of other activities keeping me occupied. I’m half way through an Engineering degree with the Open University. It’s a part-time course over six years, where I can fit in the study around my job. Between this and my busy workdays it doesn’t leave me with much time for other activities, but I always find time to do some cooking. I really enjoy Italian food and have a pasta maker and pizza oven, so have been perfecting the art of the perfect pizza dough during the last year. I even bought a 16kg bag of flour when there was a flour shortage at the start of lockdown, so I have had plenty of practice. It is very rewarding when you finally master the perfect Neapolitan!

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