A day in the life of a Senior Project Manager

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By Joanna Loxley, Senior Project Manager

Like most people, I always start off my work day by checking my emails, so I can action anything urgent and note down any other tasks that need to be completed later. These might include replying to customer queries or liaising with the design and operations team on a project we’re quoting for.

My role is heavily customer-focused, so I’m often out and about meeting clients in their offices or on site. I try to arrange to do this first thing in the morning as I’ve found this to be the most efficient way to manage my time. Recently I’ve been attending lots of meetings with our operations team for pre-start surveys, where we’ll meet clients on site to go through details of the project and look at the site so we can make sure everything is in order before the project starts. Depending on where the site is, I’ll usually drive there. The majority are in and around London and the South East, but we also do work further afield. Some of our sites are in the Midlands and the North, and earlier this week I was actually at a site visit in Portsmouth.

Once any meetings are finished, I’ll return to either the office or home, depending on where I’m working that day. At the moment I’m going into the office two to three days a week and have to say I really enjoy it. It could get quite lonely working remotely all the time during the Covid lockdowns, so it’s been great to be able to see everyone face-to-face and interact in person again.

Back at my desk I spend a lot of time on the phone to clients. A big part of my role is quoting for new commercial and residential gas infrastructure projects. At Squire we pride ourselves on always providing accurate and transparent quotes that include all disbursements, so there are no unwelcome surprises later down the line. I work closely with the design and operations team to ensure we have all the information we need about pipe sizes, lengths, source pressure and other technical aspects of the project for gas capacity checks. This is sent off to the network owner to check whether reinforcements will be required. Once our quote has been accepted, I’ll continue to act as the primary point of contact for the client throughout the project, working closely with the rest of the Squire team to ensure everything is running smoothly and to schedule, and that the client is happy.

In the quotations department we’re also currently learning about the new electricity connections side of the business. We’ve been receiving training around our day-to-day roles that allows us to quote for projects requiring both gas and electricity. This is an exciting new area of the business and we’ve recently given our first few quotes for dual fuel projects, which we hope will come to fruition.

When my work day is over, I like to relax at home and maybe go out for dinner and drinks with my partner and friends in the evening. I’m also being kept busy with wedding preparations at the moment. I got engaged in September and am getting married in May, which is really exciting but means I haven’t had that much time to prepare so there’s lots of organising to do!

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