A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

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By Steve Gray, Project Manager at Squire Energy

It’s fair to say that my mornings have changed quite a bit in recent years. My four-year-old daughter has just discovered how to open the door to her bedroom by herself, so she now acts as my alarm clock in the mornings. I leave for work quite early so once she makes an appearance I get up and feed her breakfast, leaving my wife to catch a few precious moments of additional sleep.

Most days I arrive into Leatherhead (where Squire is based) by 7am but instead of going straight into the office I will grab a coffee in the local coffee shop and take some time for myself, either reading or writing, before my busy workday begins.
I get to the office around 8am and I’ll read through my emails first, then I check my to-do list. I always make a list of priorities for each day the night before, so I can be sure that everything gets done. My role as a Project Manager has so many components and where my activities can vary so much from day-to-day, it’s important for me to organise my time.

My tasks on office-based days will include liaising with new and existing clients, responding to enquiries and preparing quotations and preliminary designs for projects. Not every day is spent in the office though. Some days I will represent the company at client meetings and I also make site visits to ensure operations are running smoothly and the clients are happy. No two days are the same in this role, but my job is always customer-facing, which is what I enjoy.

I’m often so busy that I find the day has run away with me and lunchtime has already passed. Previously I might have skipped lunch, but I am trying to make more of an effort to take some time out during the day, so I have started bringing my own packed lunch to work. This makes me more likely to take a break as it doesn’t involve me losing too much work time.

On a typical day I leave work around 5pm. I usually call my wife to check in and see how her day has been before I set off home. When I get back, I am greeted by the bundle of excitement that is my daughter, and I am just about able to muster enough of my own energy to keep up with her until her bedtime.

Most evenings I take the time to go for a run or bicycle ride after work to wind down. I am a keen cyclist, having completed a number of charity bike rides in the past. I’m currently training for the Ride 100 in August, where myself and a team of fellow riders will be cycling 100 miles to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Foundation – Squire Energy’s chosen charity for 2019.

After a day full of project managing, parenting and cycling, I will often sit down to watch television with my wife – her favourite is Grey’s Anatomy, although I usually miss most of it by falling asleep halfway through!

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