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Job description:

• To support the business on all quality management, projects database maintenance and development of systems, accreditations and associated matters, including liaising with suppliers.

• To support the Directors and team in business development, support systems, project co-ordination, project management and quotation matters.

• To lead in the gathering, control, maintenance and development of existing/new systems and information technology as required to support the business in the preparation of suitable quotations to customers for the undertaking of new natural gas connections, offtakes, infrastructure, asset management, primary metering and downstream requirements in accordance with legislation, gas industry and safety requirements and in accordance with our policies on health and safety, environment and quality.

• The role will also include providing a first point of contact to our clients and customers throughout the project development process and support throughout the on-going design and construction works.


Responsibilities and accountabilities:

• Monitor and review all company processes, in conjunction with the department manager to ensure that they continually conform to the relevant regulations and standards and that there is a process of continuous development.

• Carry out the duties and responsibilities as defined in ISO 9001 and ISO14001.

• Perform the Required Duties of a Responsible Person (RP)

• ensuring that a quality management system is implemented and maintained;

• Focusing on the management of authorised activities and the accuracy and quality of records;

• Ensuring that initial and continuous training programmes are implemented and maintained working alongside HR function;

• Ensuring that relevant customer complaints are dealt with effectively;

• Ensuring that contractors and suppliers and reviewed and approved and ongoing checks undertaken to ensure compliance with SEL quality and HS&E policies and procedures and those requirements of SEL insurers are complied with

• Approving any subcontracted activities which may impact on SEL;

• ensuring that self-inspections are performed at appropriate regular intervals following a prearranged programme and necessary corrective measures are put in place;

• Keeping appropriate records of any delegated duties;

• Ensuring that any additional requirements imposed by UK law are adhered to

• Development and maintenance of suitable bespoke IT systems relevant to quality, systems, works processes, works management and project/works control

• Development, management, control and maintenance of SEL accreditations

• Some client, supplier, site visits will be required together with some preparation of bespoke design and costings and provision of quotations for SEL services

• Ensure effective communication between other team leaders in the provision of quality information and requirements.

• Implement and maintain a corporate Quality and Environmental Management System across all functions and SEL working areas/sites.

• Ensure compliance with internal procedures as well as external audit requirements.

• Ensure compliance of environmental control for SEL services

• Provide robust and timely audit activities across the Company, including procedural, process and product audit.

• To liaise with principals, suppliers and contracted manufacturers over all issues of product and services compliance.

• Ensure a performance management process in line with company policy, is performed throughout the business.

• Manage the review and approval of qualification/validation protocols and qualification/validation reports

• Represent the company on Q&EMS issues related to the Business

• Act as first point of contact for quality activities across the Business

• Provide a lead in problem solving, failure and root cause analysis

• Other duties as necessary to support the operations of the Quotations Manager and Directors

• First point of contact for all Q&EMS, IT systems, approved vendors, accreditations, asset management and related matters

• Guide and advise the management team on policies and procedures and keep them legally compliant

• Actively lead and support the implementation of organisational development and workforce improvement initiatives, i.e. SMART goal setting



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